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5 Strategies for Successful Restaurant Digital Marketing in 2020

In our previous posts we talked about the mistakes that people make in the social media marketing; in this post, we will go a step further and discuss what restaurant social media marketing is and how you can make the most of it to lure the customers in apart from offering them great food and ambiance!

Digital marketing has its pros and cons. While it exponentially increases your chances of business growth, it exposes you to the threats of abuse and trolling on social media which is why it is absolutely necessary to use it while following certain strategies that have been fruitful for others.

From what we have observed, these are the five strategies that turned the tables in terms of business and growth for the restaurants that adopted them.

1. Videography and Photoshoots
Seeing is believing. Gone are the days of word of mouth. There are many popular food groups in Pakistan that are full of posts with absolutely divine pictures of food and ambiance. If you are planning to spend a fortune on restaurant social media marketing, ensure that you get a proper photoshoot and videography done of the items you are offering and flaunt them on social media!

2. Encash the viral trends
While encashing the viral trend does sound tempting, it may or may not yield the monetary results you are looking for. But, what it does is that it improves your social media standing among the users thereby increasing your chances of earning more profits.

3. Less focus on paid, more on organic
While paid campaigns may get you likes and followers, only your organic growth on social media will determine whether you are doing justice to it or not. If you are getting organic likes, it means your business is getting some serious attention from the followers!

4. Discounts and Offers
You walk into a restaurant, you ask for a menu, what’s the first thing you do? You look for deals, discounts and offers. That is the psyche of a customer. If you can make the most of it and promote it through your social media, chances are your restaurant will never have an empty seat.

5. Be courteous
This goes for both, what goes in the restaurant and what goes on social media. If you lack the sense of empathy and sense of connection, you will never achieve your desired results.

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