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Digital Marketing
We live in interesting times. Don’t we? We now have the comfort of ordering food or a cab using our mobile phones or laptops. And for what it is worth, we are far from complaining. In this day and age, where one gets daily news and updates from social media, it is no wonder why...
A great number of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of social media marketing but only a handful have succeeded in what could be considered as making a strong impact. For context, consider this: the global population is ever-surging and is touching approximately 8 billion whereas 4.54 billion people are internet users of which 3.725...
Startups are prone to mistakes. There is no question about it. How the startups react to them, however, is a different ball game. Pakistan, like any other country, was quick to adapt to the startup culture which resulted in a cluster of companies that opened and shut within the first six months of their operations....
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